If beauty is truth, and vice-versa,

Then tell them the truth
of Tom’s wife; their new baby boy,
and that greasy old machine down
at the factory that stole Tom’s arm
last week.

Tell them of the Andersons
on Juniper lane; their daughter Janey,
their failing marriage, their
mortgage payments, and their
other lovers.

Tell them of Tia Rodriguez
sending off her uniformed boy –
redeemed for a yellow telegraph.
Tell them of the flag that graced
his coffin.

Show them your ghettos and crack dealers
your suburbs and street sweepers,
of the times you sat under stars,
or hung around outside sleazy bars –
wherever you got kissed.

Show them small things
they’ve probably missed.

Show them what true beauty is.


One Response to “Directions to a poet (11/05)”

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