Since it seems like I’m going to be making a lot of music related posts here, a lot of bands will pass through the main page. This being the case, I figured I’d make a page to let you know about the music that never strays too far from my ears. Stufff that makes it back here means I freaking love it, and think that you should, too.


Anberlin – Straight up rock and roll. Seriously, this is power punk rock that makes you want to get in the car and just drive drive drive. Both their debut, Blueprints for the Black Market, and the follow-up, Never Take Friendship Personal, are fun and full of energy.

Copeland – Amazing band led by the extremely vocally gifted Aaron Marsh. This band is great at playing good soft and upbeat rock, and they know their way around a cover like nobody’s business.

Haste the Day
He is Legend

Mae – Fantastic band from Virginia who gained a lot of notice for 2005’s The Everglow, their third album if you count the B-side album. Great live show, amazing energy, sonic ear candy that drips down to your soul and makes you smile.


MuteMath – Formed out of the ashes of other bands, this great foursome from New Orleans makes some sweet music. Utilizing instruments including a stage piano, key-tar, drum machine, trap set, bass, guitars, spare kick drum and a home-made thingy dubbed “The Atari” they mash together a multitude of sounds to create something great on each song. Jazz, reggae, funk influenced sonic rock. Something that could only arise out of the cultural melting pot of New Orleans.

Pedro the Lion
Waking Ashland


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