Pawn shops, you ask? Why, you ask? Because after visiting at least a dozen today, I’ve got a couple things I’m on the lookout for, including a cheap 4 track (or more…) mixer, spare musicians gear, a casio keyboard, and camera lenses. There’s so many great things just sitting in pawn shops. I found a Wurlitzer electric piano today! Granted, the price was like 600 bucks, but it’s awesome. I want it, very much so. It’s basically this but someone painted it silver.

Recent discoveries in music have left me with some new stuff to fall in love with, including some very catchy, very dancy music. So I’ve decided to introduce this posts bands in order from most dancy to least dancy.
Shiny Toy Guns – Oh my goodness. This sort of stuff (along with VH1) is my guilty pleasure. This stuff is far too catchy and has far too much mainstream appeal for me to be caught listening to. Wait, I like The Killers, too. Damn.
Get Him Eat Him – I’ve seen a few posts about this band, and when someone posted that they put their new four song EP (on Catbird Records) up where I could get at it I decided to give it a listen. I recommend you do the same as well.
Street to Nowhere
– Okay, so this isn’t dancy at all (well, maybe a very different sort of dance), but definitely good. Highly recommended for fans of Bright Eyes.
Rocky Votolato – This guy is awesome. Now I know why I keep seeing posts about him. He’s got an album coming out on Barsuk on the 24th, I might have to pick it up.

Other stuff that’s happening out there on the web:
Urban Ninja – Pirates may rule, but I can appreciate a good ninja. And this guy is amazing. I think I’m going to go watch this video again.
Evil Elmo – Some little girl’s ‘Potty Training with Elmo’ book is out to get her. Apparently it’s not a one-of-a-kind thing, either.
Flickr Toys – If you’ve got a Flickr account, go check this out. You don’t have Flickr? Why not? I’ll be playing with this for a while.


Ok, so it’s been a couple days since I’ve posted, and it’s been a few too many days since I’ve posted about music. I’ll be fixing that today.

First, Death From Above 1979 has a video up for the Sammy Danger Remix of Black History Month. Pretty cool and pretty trippy.

Speaking of remixes and DFA, Jesse (bass/synth/vocals) is part of the remix duo MSTRKRFT (pronounced master craft). Mocking Music has put up two of their remixes for you, and also DFA’s Little Girl. If you’ve never checked them out, do so. Very fun and dancy, and addicting as hell. Handclaps, anyone?

If you’re an indie fan, or you’ve talked with me in the past month, then you’ve heard of Sufjan Stevens. If you haven’t then you should check him out. Unfortunately for Sufjan’s fans, though, he might be taking a hiatus from his well known 50 states project to work on other stuff, including a book. Some people say he’s been recording, though, and some people said that he has some stuff worked up for New Jersey. Gotta love rumours.

What else is going on out there in the world? Well, I’m a big proponent of fair trade, so Kofi’s Hat has an interesting challenge for those of you who frequent Starbucks. Apparently Starbucks will brew fair-trade coffee on request, and their coffee of the week this week is Cafe Estima (their only certified fair-trade blend), meaning it should already be brewing. So ask for fair-trade coffee when you go in and see how hard it is to get. Check Kofi’s Hat for more details.

Jon over at groundglass has a couple funny pictures up today.

Patton Oswalt is pretty good at making me laugh, and this bit about Alvin and the Chipmunks is no exception. The great part is that somebody actually did it (in mash-up form) and posted it for you to hear. Then they sent it to Patton, so it’s on his website. Also, scroll down and read “I’m the Sheriff of Christmastown!” – it’s hilarious.

If you like mash-ups at all, then go check out this list of 73 mash-ups that Aggro1 did in 2005, all available for download (make sure to add the .mp3 extension when you right click save as). The crazy thing is that this is only less than 1/3 of his entire 2005 production (he did over 230 mash-ups). He’s one of the better mash-up artists I’ve come across, so you could go ahead and check to see if you like anything.

Finally, You Ain’t No Picasso has up his most beautiful songs about serial killers. Go check them out, there’s some great songs on there.
I found out that Matt (of the aforementioned You Ain’t No Picasso) is in Elizabethtown (KY). That’s about 20-30 minutes from Wilmore, where Asbury is. Which means there’s a chance I might meet him. Odd, huh?

Tomorrow (read:today) is my mom’s birthday. I’ve always thought it was kind of wierd to have your birthday be so close to Christmas. As a kid, the thought of that sucks, because it means you only get presents like once a year. But at the same time, you got like double the presents. Still, I don’t think it would be fun to have your birthday around Christmas time. Anybody want to testify to this or argue against it? I can’t really say anything, my birthday’s in April.

Tom Vek This guy over here is Tom Vek, and he’s checking in courtesy of EachNoteSecure. Pretty cool guy from London, only 24 years old. Go check out his myspace. While I’m not head over heels for the songs, I definitely like “I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes” (which you can download over at ENS) and If You Want. Sort of in the vein of The Killers, but not quite. And I think he did everything himself. Anyway, it’s fun for a listen.

Other stuff I’ve found: AnAquariumDrunkard made a post about The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy singing Morissey songs. And what indie/emo lover doesn’t like the Moz? I enjoyed these thoroughly. Definitely go listen to these.

Since Sunday is a day of rest, what better way to celebrate that than a boatload of music for you to download? That’s right, I keep finding more and more stuff. Here’s part of today’s haul.

The 8bitpeoples are a collective that makes music using our beloved 8bit sound producers, old video game systems. And since video games and Christmas go hand in hand (right?), go download The 8bits of Christmas!

I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing and discovering music/mp3 blogs, and in doing so I’ve come across a lot of cool stuff, including The Silence Xperiment’s mashup of Queen and 50 Cent, entitled Q-Unit. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s fun.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across this, but the Live Music Archive is an awesome project put together to preserve Live music, and they’ve got some awesome artists on there, with tons of shows. Check it out.

Mashups are fun, D12 is fun, and GnR is fun. So put all three together, and you get a whole lot of fun. Download Disfunctional DJ’s mashup Sweet Band O’ Mine. I promise, it’s worth it.

Well, that’s all that I’ve got for you right now, but enjoy.

What’s on Bush’s iPod? This is just ridiculous.

Hello, REAL FOOTBALL (er, I mean, soccer)! Houston’s the new home for the MLS’s team on-the-move from San Jose. Previous, less successful leagues have had teams call Houston home with names including the Stars, Hurricane, Dynamos, Alliance, Tornados, Hotshots, Toros, and Summit. Personally, I like the Toros, although I think you’ve got to call them the ‘Texas Toros’ if you do that. In light of recent events along our coast, Hurricane is probably not the best idea, and Stars or Summit are too “Space City” themed. Any ideas for a name?

If you like good indie music, or you’re just an Elliott Smith fan, I found B-Sides, so go enjoy.

I’ll post a real update on what’s happening sometime later this week. Just know that I’ve been jamming and hanging out with friends, oh and downloading stuff.

How many songs: 4354
-Sort by song title-
First Song: ‘rush’ by Narcissus
Last Song: Zzyzx by Stavesacre
-Sort by time-
Shortest Song: High on Life by Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet (11 seconds)
Longest Song: Dazed and Confused (Live) by Led Zeppelin (25:25)
-Sort by Artist-
First Song: Janet by .rod laver
Last Song: In the Waiting Line by Zero 7
-Sort by album-
First Song: 5 Year Winter by Zao
Last Song: Duet from the Dead by Anadivine
-Top Five Most Played Songs-
1. B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
2. Romantic Rights by Death from Above 1979
3. To the End by My Chemical Romance
4. I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
5. PG by Saul Williams
-First 5 song that comes up on Shuffle-
1. Blood Turned to Tears by As I Lay Dying
2. World to Wait by Stavesacre
3. Your Name is Defeat by The Showdown
4. 40 FT by Franz Ferdinand
5. White Shadows (Live) by Coldplay
1. “sex”, how many songs come up? 7
2. “death”, how many songs come up? 98
3. “love”, how many songs come up? 174

Today’s Pearls Before Swine comic is hilarious. I love Stephen Pastis.

In stumbling around for more Sufjan Stevens’ stuff today I found a live show for download over at this blog.

Wow, I’ve made it up ’till 6:30 am. Don’t expect to see me in the morning.