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Ok, I know that I just set this thing up a little over a month ago, but my buddy Thomas was kind enough to set me up with a customizable WordPress blog AND a pixelpost photoblog.  They can now both be found over at Through My Looking Glass.  There will be a splash page up there shortly.  Just trust me on this, it’s for the best.  I’ve even managed to import my last 10 posts there, so it won’t feel awkward.  Go on now, go there!


Ok, I know that I just set this thing up a little over a month ago, but my buddy Thomas was kind enough to set me up with a customizable WordPress blog AND a pixelpost photoblog.  They can now both be found over at Through My Looking Glass.  There will be a splash page up there shortly.  Just trust me on this, it’s for the best.  I’ve even managed to import my last 10 posts there, so it won’t feel awkward.  Go on now, go there!

I got accepted to Asbury Seminary yesterday, so to celebrate that, let’s unleash a flood of hilarious videos on you!  What do you say?  Yeah, I thought you’d like it.
Young Chuck Norris – These SNL digital shorts just might be signs of life for SNL.
Mortal Kombat Theme Song – Wow.  That face.  See if you can spot the full moon, too.
Rocket Man, performed by William Shatner, and also by Stewie.
Peter’s Christmas Album – Slightly blasphemous, but hilarious.
Injured.  Injured bad.

And finally, an interpretation of Fall Out Boy’s Sugar, We’re Going Down.  Warning, contains depictions of crudely drawn male genitalia.  Which is one of the reasons that it is so funny and odd.

Let’s see, other stuff that’s going on.  They hired me back at The Battalion, so I’m taking photos again this semester.  I’m also gonna try pitching album and show reviews towards the AggieLife desk.  You should all go buy the last Watashi Wa/first Eager Seas album (legal issues, it’s complicated).  Look for it as Watashi Wa’s release, titled “Eager Seas”.  After all of the name confusion, it’s a very good album.  I’ll be reviewing it for The Batt, along with the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins album, “Rabbit Fur Coat.”
Sunday night there’s a concert at Schotzi’s – As Cities Burn, Today’s Last Dawn, The Last Starfighter, and The Planning Fallacy.  Should be a good show, if you’re down with hardcore music.  Basically, I just want to see ACB rock out and scream to the top of my lungs.

All of my friends at A&M are starting tomorrow, but not me.  That’s right, all four of my hours mean that I have one kinesiology class Wednesday from 11 -12:30.  Not even a scheduled meeting time for my real class yet.  So in honor of all the work that is about to come, I’ve got some excellent procrastination tools.

Sufjan Steven’s Illinois is on sale at Target stores this week for $8.99, and if you don’t have it yet you must be missing out on the number one hipster pickup of 2005.  Seriously, as much press as Sufjan has gotten, he’s unbelievably good, so pick this up.

Whatever this thing really is called, it’s pretty neat.  The video is a little long, but if you let it load then go to the middle of it, it gets really interesting.
Here’s a video for all of you Scene Kids that I get so tired of.
What do you think of PETA?  You might change your mind after watching what Penn & Teller have to tell you about that oh-so-wonderful organization.

Finally, I as a result of all the Matisyahu I was listening to I came across a really neat article on Wikipedia.  If you’ve ever been curious about the Hebrew names for God, check this out.

I’m back in College Station, ready to undergo my rigorous (4 hour) last semester here at Texas A&M. This means a few things, including that I’ve got a bunch of stuff to get accomplished, a lot of awkard moments where I think “Man, where is everyone? Oh, Ski Trip… Why the heck did they have to go to (ski only) Taos?” Waiting for people to get back is not so much fun.

I need to write my testimony and send it in to Asbury, because it is the equivalent of the essays you wrote on your college applications. I’ve got some CrunchTime skits to pen (they’re sketched out, just not dialogued), I need to meet with the two professors, and I’ve got a dance to put together. This should ideally all be done over the course of the next three days or so. I’ve also got to turn in my application to the Battalion (formality, really, since I worked there last semester) and come Friday I should get a call from Sweet Eugene’s telling me that I need to come in and interview.

I’m also horribly out of shape. I only played soccer for about half an hour tonight and I was horribly winded, my chest was pounding and I could barely run. But I did row 3000 meters in under 14 minutes.

Here’s what’s going on in your neck of the internet:
Is this woman made of Jello? She’s crazy flexible.
I’m on a Matisyahu kick. Specifically, a show from last September that I downloaded from the Live Music Archive. I love the people that set this up. Go download from this site, it’s 100% legal, all artists on it have agreed to let these shows be hosted.
If you’ve ever wondered what would Jesus blog, wonder no further. This is pretty good, as long as you remember that it’s all in good fun. I think this is one of my new favorite blogs.

Pawn shops, you ask? Why, you ask? Because after visiting at least a dozen today, I’ve got a couple things I’m on the lookout for, including a cheap 4 track (or more…) mixer, spare musicians gear, a casio keyboard, and camera lenses. There’s so many great things just sitting in pawn shops. I found a Wurlitzer electric piano today! Granted, the price was like 600 bucks, but it’s awesome. I want it, very much so. It’s basically this but someone painted it silver.

Recent discoveries in music have left me with some new stuff to fall in love with, including some very catchy, very dancy music. So I’ve decided to introduce this posts bands in order from most dancy to least dancy.
Shiny Toy Guns – Oh my goodness. This sort of stuff (along with VH1) is my guilty pleasure. This stuff is far too catchy and has far too much mainstream appeal for me to be caught listening to. Wait, I like The Killers, too. Damn.
Get Him Eat Him – I’ve seen a few posts about this band, and when someone posted that they put their new four song EP (on Catbird Records) up where I could get at it I decided to give it a listen. I recommend you do the same as well.
Street to Nowhere
– Okay, so this isn’t dancy at all (well, maybe a very different sort of dance), but definitely good. Highly recommended for fans of Bright Eyes.
Rocky Votolato – This guy is awesome. Now I know why I keep seeing posts about him. He’s got an album coming out on Barsuk on the 24th, I might have to pick it up.

Other stuff that’s happening out there on the web:
Urban Ninja – Pirates may rule, but I can appreciate a good ninja. And this guy is amazing. I think I’m going to go watch this video again.
Evil Elmo – Some little girl’s ‘Potty Training with Elmo’ book is out to get her. Apparently it’s not a one-of-a-kind thing, either.
Flickr Toys – If you’ve got a Flickr account, go check this out. You don’t have Flickr? Why not? I’ll be playing with this for a while.

Ok, so it’s been a couple days since I’ve posted, and it’s been a few too many days since I’ve posted about music. I’ll be fixing that today.

First, Death From Above 1979 has a video up for the Sammy Danger Remix of Black History Month. Pretty cool and pretty trippy.

Speaking of remixes and DFA, Jesse (bass/synth/vocals) is part of the remix duo MSTRKRFT (pronounced master craft). Mocking Music has put up two of their remixes for you, and also DFA’s Little Girl. If you’ve never checked them out, do so. Very fun and dancy, and addicting as hell. Handclaps, anyone?

If you’re an indie fan, or you’ve talked with me in the past month, then you’ve heard of Sufjan Stevens. If you haven’t then you should check him out. Unfortunately for Sufjan’s fans, though, he might be taking a hiatus from his well known 50 states project to work on other stuff, including a book. Some people say he’s been recording, though, and some people said that he has some stuff worked up for New Jersey. Gotta love rumours.

What else is going on out there in the world? Well, I’m a big proponent of fair trade, so Kofi’s Hat has an interesting challenge for those of you who frequent Starbucks. Apparently Starbucks will brew fair-trade coffee on request, and their coffee of the week this week is Cafe Estima (their only certified fair-trade blend), meaning it should already be brewing. So ask for fair-trade coffee when you go in and see how hard it is to get. Check Kofi’s Hat for more details.

Jon over at groundglass has a couple funny pictures up today.

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