I got accepted to Asbury Seminary yesterday, so to celebrate that, let’s unleash a flood of hilarious videos on you!  What do you say?  Yeah, I thought you’d like it.
Young Chuck Norris – These SNL digital shorts just might be signs of life for SNL.
Mortal Kombat Theme Song – Wow.  That face.  See if you can spot the full moon, too.
Rocket Man, performed by William Shatner, and also by Stewie.
Peter’s Christmas Album – Slightly blasphemous, but hilarious.
Injured.  Injured bad.

And finally, an interpretation of Fall Out Boy’s Sugar, We’re Going Down.  Warning, contains depictions of crudely drawn male genitalia.  Which is one of the reasons that it is so funny and odd.

Let’s see, other stuff that’s going on.  They hired me back at The Battalion, so I’m taking photos again this semester.  I’m also gonna try pitching album and show reviews towards the AggieLife desk.  You should all go buy the last Watashi Wa/first Eager Seas album (legal issues, it’s complicated).  Look for it as Watashi Wa’s release, titled “Eager Seas”.  After all of the name confusion, it’s a very good album.  I’ll be reviewing it for The Batt, along with the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins album, “Rabbit Fur Coat.”
Sunday night there’s a concert at Schotzi’s – As Cities Burn, Today’s Last Dawn, The Last Starfighter, and The Planning Fallacy.  Should be a good show, if you’re down with hardcore music.  Basically, I just want to see ACB rock out and scream to the top of my lungs.