All of my friends at A&M are starting tomorrow, but not me.  That’s right, all four of my hours mean that I have one kinesiology class Wednesday from 11 -12:30.  Not even a scheduled meeting time for my real class yet.  So in honor of all the work that is about to come, I’ve got some excellent procrastination tools.

Sufjan Steven’s Illinois is on sale at Target stores this week for $8.99, and if you don’t have it yet you must be missing out on the number one hipster pickup of 2005.  Seriously, as much press as Sufjan has gotten, he’s unbelievably good, so pick this up.

Whatever this thing really is called, it’s pretty neat.  The video is a little long, but if you let it load then go to the middle of it, it gets really interesting.
Here’s a video for all of you Scene Kids that I get so tired of.
What do you think of PETA?  You might change your mind after watching what Penn & Teller have to tell you about that oh-so-wonderful organization.

Finally, I as a result of all the Matisyahu I was listening to I came across a really neat article on Wikipedia.  If you’ve ever been curious about the Hebrew names for God, check this out.