I’m back in College Station, ready to undergo my rigorous (4 hour) last semester here at Texas A&M. This means a few things, including that I’ve got a bunch of stuff to get accomplished, a lot of awkard moments where I think “Man, where is everyone? Oh, Ski Trip… Why the heck did they have to go to (ski only) Taos?” Waiting for people to get back is not so much fun.

I need to write my testimony and send it in to Asbury, because it is the equivalent of the essays you wrote on your college applications. I’ve got some CrunchTime skits to pen (they’re sketched out, just not dialogued), I need to meet with the two professors, and I’ve got a dance to put together. This should ideally all be done over the course of the next three days or so. I’ve also got to turn in my application to the Battalion (formality, really, since I worked there last semester) and come Friday I should get a call from Sweet Eugene’s telling me that I need to come in and interview.

I’m also horribly out of shape. I only played soccer for about half an hour tonight and I was horribly winded, my chest was pounding and I could barely run. But I did row 3000 meters in under 14 minutes.

Here’s what’s going on in your neck of the internet:
Is this woman made of Jello? She’s crazy flexible.
I’m on a Matisyahu kick. Specifically, a show from last September that I downloaded from the Live Music Archive. I love the people that set this up. Go download from this site, it’s 100% legal, all artists on it have agreed to let these shows be hosted.
If you’ve ever wondered what would Jesus blog, wonder no further. This is pretty good, as long as you remember that it’s all in good fun. I think this is one of my new favorite blogs.