Ahoy there lads and lassies! So the pirate theme from the last post carries over, David and I went to the Brooks’ New Year’s Party (Pirates and Ninjas) in order to ring in the next annum. It’s been an eventful week.

On Wednesday Rachel and I ran around Houston playing with our cameras and took a boatload of photos, there are a bunch up on flickr, so go take a look. I need to get the pics that I took with her camera from her still, but I scanned my negatives.

Thursday the guys had a jam session and we experimented with recording the guitar parts. It didn’t really pan out, but now we know what to expect and what we need to do instead.

Friday we amassed a large crew and went to play baseball over at the little league fields, which is always fun. Then we had bible study at our house, and outdoor sardines.

Saturday we went into town, scrounging around the thrift stores looking for piratey trappings. We did well, David and I each found a jacket and ruffled shirt. We got all decked out and outfitted Alan with all of our ninja-esque gear, then struck out for the Brooks household. We ate, drank, and merrily rang in 2006. (WHOOP!)

Well, I’m a bit tired, so I think I’ll slink off and toss me bones in me bed.