Before I hit the sheets tonight, I thought I’d drop a couple links in your laps.

For those of you who like the String Quartet Tribute series, or just want to catch some samples, Kofi’s Hat put a few of them up today, including the Killers, Nirvana, and Radiohead.  Good for a listen, at least.

Bored?  Go check what song was number one when you were born.  Still bored?  Try more dates, your brothers, sisters, anniversaries, etc.  Go wild!

I don’t care what people say about MadTV and it’s inferiority when compared to SNL, every now and then a skit comes along that just about makes me pee my pants in hilarity.  This particular skit just happens to be one.  In fact, I think this is one of my favorites skits of all time.  Frank Caliendo does a great John Madden impression.