What’s on Bush’s iPod? This is just ridiculous.

Hello, REAL FOOTBALL (er, I mean, soccer)! Houston’s the new home for the MLS’s team on-the-move from San Jose. Previous, less successful leagues have had teams call Houston home with names including the Stars, Hurricane, Dynamos, Alliance, Tornados, Hotshots, Toros, and Summit. Personally, I like the Toros, although I think you’ve got to call them the ‘Texas Toros’ if you do that. In light of recent events along our coast, Hurricane is probably not the best idea, and Stars or Summit are too “Space City” themed. Any ideas for a name?

If you like good indie music, or you’re just an Elliott Smith fan, I found B-Sides, so go enjoy.

I’ll post a real update on what’s happening sometime later this week. Just know that I’ve been jamming and hanging out with friends, oh and downloading stuff.