How many songs: 4354
-Sort by song title-
First Song: ‘rush’ by Narcissus
Last Song: Zzyzx by Stavesacre
-Sort by time-
Shortest Song: High on Life by Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet (11 seconds)
Longest Song: Dazed and Confused (Live) by Led Zeppelin (25:25)
-Sort by Artist-
First Song: Janet by .rod laver
Last Song: In the Waiting Line by Zero 7
-Sort by album-
First Song: 5 Year Winter by Zao
Last Song: Duet from the Dead by Anadivine
-Top Five Most Played Songs-
1. B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
2. Romantic Rights by Death from Above 1979
3. To the End by My Chemical Romance
4. I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
5. PG by Saul Williams
-First 5 song that comes up on Shuffle-
1. Blood Turned to Tears by As I Lay Dying
2. World to Wait by Stavesacre
3. Your Name is Defeat by The Showdown
4. 40 FT by Franz Ferdinand
5. White Shadows (Live) by Coldplay
1. “sex”, how many songs come up? 7
2. “death”, how many songs come up? 98
3. “love”, how many songs come up? 174

Today’s Pearls Before Swine comic is hilarious. I love Stephen Pastis.

In stumbling around for more Sufjan Stevens’ stuff today I found a live show for download over at this blog.

Wow, I’ve made it up ’till 6:30 am. Don’t expect to see me in the morning.