Good freaking grief Charlie Brown, it is cold here! Seriously, my car froze over tonight. And I know that when I wake up in the morning, I’m going to have to scrape more ice off it again. Right now is a really bad time to have left my heavy jacket and gloves back in Sugar Land. It’s also a really bad time for our freaking heater not to work… stupid leasing company sucks, what else is new?

So other than the fun that I’ve had in the freezing cold tonight, what else is going on? Well, my sleep schedule is completely off, but it’s ok because after Friday it doesn’t even matter anymore. Adan and I sang karaoke at Robert’s party last night, holy moses that game was addicting. If we ever played it at Wesley, I don’t think we’d ever get anything productive done. I never thought that game could actually be that much fun.

I’ve finished my projects for poetry class, which means I have a new chapbook made up. I stayed up till 6 am making it, too. Far too late, but who cares anymore? I’m done with Psychology of Women, and my Social Psychology exam doesn’t count, so all I’ve got left to worry about now is my English 315 final.

I got my Undergrad Research position that I applied for, which means that my 485 next semester will consist of assisting Dr. Bendixen in assembling an anthology of American literature. Basically, I’ll be reading stuff from a list that he’ll give me and telling him whether or not I think it is worthy of being included in the anthology, and why. I’ll only have “class” once a week, when I meet with him, and I get paid 250 bucks for doing it. Awesome, I know.

Tomorrow my plan is to wake up early and go talk to the owners of Sweet Eugene’s in hopes of convincing them to hire me. Working at a coffee shop, oh yeah!